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Chimitt Gilman Homchick, Inc. (CGH) is a manufacturing operations consulting firm specializing in designing and implementing creative strategies for improving manufacturing performance.  We work jointly with our clients in simplifying manufacturing operations to improve response to customer demand, reduce inventories, enhance capacity utilization, increase throughput, and improve shop floor productivity.   Since our inception in 1980, we have worked in every aspect of the manufacturing cycle from customer inquiry and order configuration, to production planning and scheduling, to shop floor production operations, to shipment of the finished product.  We have served clients in a variety of industries developing creative strategies and solutions to unique operational problems and challenges.  Our impressive client list attests to our capability and dedication to quality solutions and results.


Our clients have ranged in size from $25 million in revenues to well over $1 billion.  Most of our clients have been U.S. companies with their principal manufacturing facilities in the United States.  Many have international operations.  We have worked at client sites throughout the world.  Our clients come from a broad range of industry.  Virtually each client has presented us with unique processes and unique challenges toward the goal of improving manufacturing performance.  We have worked well with our clients and continue to enjoy excellent relations with them.  We have served many of them repeatedly.


We employ a staff of experienced consultants with strong and diverse backgrounds in manufacturing.  Our staff of consultants have had extensive experience in industry.  They have gained the respect of virtually every client we have served.  They work well with both shop floor personnel and top management in order to achieve project performance goals.  Turnover among CGH personnel is unusually low for the consulting industry.  This translates into a team of consultants highly committed to both CGH and our clients.


While no two manufacturing organizations are alike, the problems and challenges they encounter may be similar.  Strategies and solutions must be developed and customized to meet the needs of each organization.  We strive for simplicity and structural changes which influence behaviors on the shop floor and drive positive results.  We use the right mix of proven concepts, tools, and technologies in developing strategies and solutions - and, they have produced positive operating results and lasting financial benefits.  Our clients have enjoyed real measurable annualized savings well in excess of their project investments.


Our project development process is a step-by-step approach that is designed to enable our prospective client to make an informed judgement.  It allows our prospective client to become familiar with our staff and our capabilities before making any major commitments to proceed with an improvement project.  This process has served our clients well over the years and has led to mutually beneficial relationships.  On occasion we have the opportunity to invite 'qualified' prospects to visit active client sites to see tangible results of our work and speak with our client.  Our project development process is outlined in our brochure entitled "The CGH Project Development and Client Decision Process."  To request this brochure or to learn more about us, contact Donald Otto by e-mail or phone.


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